Pet pig hogs the attention on visit to owner’s care home

Blanket visited his owner at his care home (Care UK/PA)
Blanket visited his owner at his care home (Care UK/PA)

An animal-loving care home resident has been surprised with a visit from his pet pig.

Tony Eaglestone was delighted to see Blanket the pig after staff at Francis Court care home in Crawley West Sussex arranged the unusual visit with his family.

Mr Eaglestone said: “Blanket is much friendlier than many of the dogs I have had over the years.

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“It was lovely to see him and to see how popular he was with the other residents.”

Blanket spent an afternoon at the home, receiving cuddles and treats from the residents as well as taking a stroll around the garden.

Mr Eaglestone was raised on a farm and kept farm animals throughout his life, with pigs his favourite.

Blanket’s visit was the first time Mr Eaglestone had seen his porcine friend in six months.

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Home manager Anna Allen said: “It was wonderful to see Tony’s face light up when Blanket strutted into the lounge and immediately hogged everyone’s attention with his charming personality and love for affection – Tony was certainly a proud pet owner.

“Being in the company of animals has proven therapeutic benefits for older people, particularly for those living with dementia, as it can reduce anxiety, release calming endorphins, and decrease feelings of loneliness.

“You could see from the residents’ reactions just how engaged they were when Blanket was around.”

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