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Most victims of theft suffer through gutting disappointment, insurance claims and eventually grudging acceptance - not stealing their precious property right back off the thief.

Just hours after Jenni Morton-Humphreys' locked-up bike was stolen from the centre of Bristol, she arranged to meet the man selling it. But instead of taking it for a 'test ride', she quickly pedalled away.

After she put a picture of her missing bike on a Bristol cycling Facebook page, one keen-eyed Samaritan found the same bike being advertised for sale.

He and Jenni concocted a plan, which they acted on against police advice.

Jenni claims the police refused to accompany her on the sting - or even arrest the seller and collect the bike themselves.

Worried it would be sold to someone else, she acted fast. On meeting the person now selling her bike, Jenni told the Bristol Post:

I pretended to be interested and ask silly questions about the bike.

I said the saddle was too high, and asked if I could get on it to test it out. 

She asked him to hold onto her lighter, cigarette packet and keys as she got on the bike and sped off.

The lighter was broken, the cigarette packet empty and the keys useless - the thief had rendered them useless when they cut the chain to steal the bike in the first place.

Jenni can now return to happy times with her bike.

According to the Bristol Post. in one final surprise, Jenni discovered that 'they had spruced the bike up a bit overnight - they'd even fixed up the front light.'

Revenge is best served deliciously ironic.

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