This Brexiteer's tweet about freedom of movement has aged very badly
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With all the false promises made since Brexit first became a thing, most assurances by Brexiteer MPs have eventually been reduced to dust.

As shown by Led By Donkeys, just about any statement promising anything at all tends to age pretty badly as the Brexit train of destruction rolls on through Britain.

But, in light of recent events, a tweet from Daniel Hannan MEP – assuring EU nationals living in the UK that “no one is suggesting” their status might change after Brexit – is worth revisiting.

Here it is in all its glory.

The Home Office, led by Priti Patel, on Monday announced that freedom of movement will end on 31 October.

The total lack of preparation for such a measure has raised concerns that EU nationals living in the UK could have trouble re-accessing the country, especially given the government's "hostile environment" track record.

Technically, EU citizens should be okay, but are required to apply for settled status by the end of the transitional period, if they've lived in the UK for five years.

In light of this, some drew attention to Mr Hannan's tweet.

Given the announcement came less than a month into Boris Johnson's premiership, this statement from him hasn't fared much better.

Indy100 has contacted Daniel Hannan for a statement.

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