Danny Dyer is Channel 4's 'Alternative Christmas Message' and you need to see it right now

Actor Danny Dyer is not known for mincing his words, particularly when it comes to politics.

If you follow him on Twitter, you’ll already know he’s no shrinking violet and he’s got an expletive-laden answer for almost everything.

Appearing on Good Evening Britain earlier this year, Dyer managed to achieve the impossible and leave Piers Morgan speechless as he complained about Brexit. He even labelled former prime minister David Cameron, who called the EU vote then quickly resigned following the result, a “t***”.

Following his first foray into the political arena, Dyer is delivering 2018’s 'Alternative Christmas Message' for Channel 4. A sneak peak of the message has appeared online and it’s undeniably hilarious.

In the clip, the EastEnders actor lambasts Britain’s political leaders, first calling Westminster a "shambles" before saying:

There’s been more backstabbing than in Albert Square.

Next he goes on to call president Donald Trump a “melt” and mocks him for reportedly skipping a war memorial service because of rain earlier this year.

The full message will air on Channel 4 on Christmas Day at 3:50pm and, to be honest, we can’t wait. We’re sure we're not the only ones.

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