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Thankfully, we've come a long way in society since the days when women stayed at home and washed the dishes, while men went out to earn a living for the family.

However, it can't be denied that some men are completely stuck in the past, but unfortunately some women are, too.

Back in the old days, it would have been considered rude if a man didn't pay for a meal when out on a date with a woman.

Moreover, many restaurants even had separate menus for men and women, the one for men having the prices, and the one for women without prices - something that still takes place in certain restaurants in Italy, reports the Telegraph.

Despite many advancements, this entrenched sexism still pervades society to a certain degree, especially when it comes to dining when on a date.

This exchange between two people who went on a date and the man wouldn't pay, exemplifies just this.

Taking to Reddit, CuteBananaMuffin wrote:

Well... There goes the 'friendship' with her.

Speaking to Bored Panda about the exchange, the man in question said:

The date was fun at first until she started talking about another guy and how much he liked him, but I thought ‘let’s eat, talk and leave’ since she’s into another guy, and it all crumbled when it came to the bill.

She was shocked that I let her pay. She didn’t say anything at the time, but from her facial expression I realized she was furious.

I usually pay for both sides when it comes to the bill, but I’m a student and I work 60 hours a week to pay for food, books etc. so I obviously couldn’t afford to pay 110 euros for her food.

I asked her out again to apologize pretty much for the previous time, hoping we can go to a cheaper place so I could make up for it, but as you can see, the result was really bad…

People were divided in their responses to the exchange.

One Reddit user said:

Thats why she invited you out so she could get expensive food and wasnt expecting to pay.

Another commented:

Lobster and expensive wine lol she was really counting on you to pay for it.

And a third summed it up:

I’m a girl and I always go into the mindset tht I pay for my drinks/food with anyone.

Guy or girl and if they offer to pay I’ll let them but offer to pay theirs next time we go out. Even when I was single I never assumed a guy would pay for me dating or not.

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