David Attenborough took just 4 hours to shatter Jennifer Aniston's huge Instagram follower record

94-year-old national treasure Sir David Attenborough has claimed the world record for the fastest time to reach one million followers on Instagram.

According to the Guinness Book of World Records, broadcaster-turned-influencer Attenborough reached 1m followers in just four hours.

The account, at the time of reporting, now has 2.5m followers.

That means Attenborough has now beaten Jennifer Anniston to the honour, who previously held the record for getting 1m followers in a little over five hours.

Prior to Jennifer Anniston hitting the landmark, David Beckham, Pope Francis and the Sussexes had all previously been record holders in this category.

Attenborough’s account will, primarily, be used to talk about climate change and how to tackle it.

In his first post, a short video which now has over 9m views, he said: “I’ve been appearing on radio and television for the past sixty years but this is my first time on Instagram.

I’m making this move and exploring this new way of communication to me because, as we all know, the world is in trouble.”

Attenborough expanded:

Continents are on fire, glaciers are melting, coral reefs are dying, fish are disappearing from our oceans. The list goes on and on.

But we know what to do about it, that’s why I’m tackling this  new way - for me - of communication.

He explained how future videos on the account will be recovered messages about climate change issues and how to address them.

He urged followers to “stay tuned”.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem like Attenborough is the one actually running the account.

Collin Butfield and Johnnie Hughes, two filmmakers who produced the upcoming document A Life On Our Planet, appear to be the ones running the account.

While we’re incredibly excited to see Sir David on Instagram, we hope that he won’t become a sell-out and do sponsored tooth whitening content anytime soon.

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