David Cameron is being trolled by a branch of Waterstones all over again

David Cameron is being trolled by a branch of Waterstones all over again

There is something of an ongoing feud between former prime minister, David Cameron and various branches of Waterstones across the country.

Not so long ago, the Piccadilly branch of the high street book store arranged Cameron's memoirs to sit above a series of books which were definitely throwing shade on his legacy as PM.

Now it appears to have happened again, although we can't be sure if it is the same shop.

James Felton, the comedy writer who currently has a book out called '52 Times Britain was a Bell**d' which charts the many times that Britain did something quite bad that history has conveniently brushed aside.

Now, if you can imagine for a second how this book title would look when aligned next to Cameron's book which is called 'For the Record' and you can begin to see how someone might have fun with this.

Lo and behold that's exactly what appears to have happened in one Waterstones branch when Cameron's book apparently ended up being displayed with Felton's book below creating a wonderfully funny statement.

Now the picture could have very well been staged but Felton was adamant that his friend Karl spotted in a shop in this state.

Whether it is staged or not doesn't really matter as people thought it was hilarious.

We'll leave the last word on this small matter to Mr Felton, who probably summed it up better than we ever could.

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