Hitler book mysteriously vanishes from David Cameron's bookshelf

Hannah McKay/PA/Twitter

David Cameron's return to the spotlight has sparked a lot of intrigue and mockery but even he wouldn't have expected his bookshelf, of all things, to become a talking point.

In a feature that was published by The Times on Saturday Cameron is pictured in his nicely furnished home, complete with a full and impressive bookcase, featuring some impressive books.

However, in another picture taken in the same room, but this time featuring Samantha Cameron and her sister Emily Sheffield, the bookcase appeared to be ever so slightly different.

Anita Singh, the arts and entertainment editor for the Telegraph noticed that Ian Kershaw's acclaimed biography about Adolf Hitler was missing in the picture featuring the former prime minister.

Of course, there is nothing wrong with Cameron studying the history of one of the 20th centuries most prominent and despised figures as Singh pointed out.

That being said Mark Harrison, the photographer who took the pictures could neither confirm or deny where the book had gone.

People soon started to speculate as to where the book had disappeared to.

When people really started to study the bookshelf they found other titles of note including 'Why Nations Fail' and a book on Gordon Brown as well as George Soros.

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