David Cameron's last act as PM was basically an invite for people to troll him over his cat

Prime minister David Cameron was applauded by MPs as he left the chamber after his final PMQs before handing over to Theresa May.

He was cheered out of the House of Commons before making his way back to Downing Street for the last time as PM, and then heading to Buckingham Palace to ask the queen to accept his resignation.

The nation was relieved to find out despite all the recent upheaval Larry the Cat will be remaining in Number 10 with his new owner.

We were less happy to realise, by way of the Telegraph, that Cameron's final, unforgivable falsehood upon a six-year throne of lies might be that he's never actually liked Larry this whole time.

Think about it: Larry belongs to the staff, and lives downstairs in the Downing Street office complex, not in the Camerons' flat.

The PM is actually a dog person. Larry was a public relations exercise this entire time.

Picture: Jeff J Mitchell/Getty

Speculation on the matter had been growing over the last 24 hours, and Cameron sought to dispel the rumours in the Commons...

The rumour is that I don't love Larry. I do. And I have photographic evidence to prove it.

He went on:

Sadly I can't take Larry with me. He belongs to the house and the staff love him very much - as do I.

Then someone on his official Twitter account posted this at the exact moment he left the chamber:

You called the EU referendum and left us with this mess.

But that's cool, Dave. That's cool. You focus on the important stuff.

Picture: Louis Doré/indy100
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