Oh David Cameron.

The former prime minister recently took some time away from his shed to make a rare public appearance to give a talk on – and you couldn’t make this up – “effective campaigning”.

Yes, that’s right, the PM known for losing the EU referendum is giving talks on effective campaigning. Irony is officially dead.

But to make matters even more ridiculous, behind-the-scenes attendees were allegedly told that questions on Brexit were banned.

The New European reports that one attendee said:

We were ordered not to ask Cameron any questions about Brexit in the Q&A that followed his talk. His people weren't apparently happy even with that and decreed only questions that had been approved by them first could be asked.

It seems a bit ridiculous that the man who many people blame for Brexit, because he called the referendum to settle disputes within his own party, is now banning people from asking him about it.

But if we were David Cameron, and had been thoroughly outplayed by Boris Johnson, we might not want to talk about it either.

H/T: New European

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