It has been a long, gruelling day for many on the left.

The news that Boris Johnson will be prime minister for the next few years and the far-right have been emboldened should worry those with any semblance of morality. The environmental implications are enormous and any hopes of Brexit being reversed are surely now nothing more than pipe dreams.

On days like this, it’s important to take hope wherever you can find it. In this instance, that hope comes in the form of Adam Boulton with a withering line on Sky News at the end of a clip in which David Cameron offers his thoughts on the outcome of the election.

The former prime minister and architect of our downfall is seen to say:

That’s the most important thing of all, winning the trust of people that have put their trust in us, many of them for the first time. And Boris will have my full support as he does that.

And then the punchline. Adam Boulton back in the studio with the zinger:

Well I don’t know why he’s talking to a tree.

It’s always darkest before the dawn and at least there’s some light relief.

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