UFO witness says he has seen 'very disturbing things' as a result of alien technology

UFO witness says he has seen 'very disturbing things' as a result of alien technology
UFO witness says he saw something 'very disturbing' during historic hearing

David Grusch, who is giving evidence at the congressional hearing on UFOs on Capitol Hill has said that he once witnessed something that he called "very disturbing."

Grusch is one of three witnesses speaking at the historic hearing who have all come forward claiming that the US government has kept secret information on UFOs concealed for years.

The whistleblower is a former US intelligence officer who served on the Unidentified Aerial Phenomena Task Force. In June, he made headlines when claiming that the government had in their possession a "very, very large" spacecraft.

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During his testimony, he was asked by US representative Eric Burlison whether he has ever seen evidence of humans being caused physical harm by forces that were not of this world.

Burlison asked: "So there has been activity by alien or non-human technology and or beings that has caused harm to humans?"

Grusch said in response: "I can't get into the specifics in an open environment but at least the activity that I personally witnessed, and I have to be very careful here - what I personally witnessed, myself and my wife, was very disturbing."

He also claimed that he knew of "multiple colleagues of mine that got physically injured,” as a result of UFOs and government action. Grusch was also asked if he knew of anyone who had been "murdered" as a result of what they knew about UFOs to which he gave a hesitant answer.

The hearings are taking place in order to hear first-hand accounts and assess the federal government’s transparency and accountability regarding possible threats to national security.

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