<p>David Hogg.</p>

David Hogg.


Activist David Hogg, who co-founded the March for Our Lives organisation in response to the 2018 Parkland school shooting, has set up a pillow company to rival the firm MyPillow

Hogg, together with software engineer William LeGate, announced the company following comments by made by CEO Mike Lindell on Donald Trump’s presidency.

Lindell – known as "the MyPillow Guy" and famous for his support of Trump – has previously called for the former US president to impose “martial law if necessary” and supported him in his attempts to overrule November’s election results.

In a thread on Twitter, Hogg confirmed the business plan, along with key aims of the company.

“[A] union made in America to create good jobs that support American families. Have an emphasis on supporting progressive causes. 

“Not attempt a white supremacist overthrow of the United States government. So you can sleep at night,” he said. 

The campaigner also went on to add that the company hopes to hire those “formerly incarcerated” and MyPillow workers if the venture puts the firm out of business.

He finished the series of tweets by saying that the website will be available “in a couple of weeks” due to the duo being “very much in the early stages”, before inviting his followers to message him with ideas for a business name.

The suggestions soon followed, including puns on the advocate’s surname:

The whole saga certainly takes the term ‘pillow fight’ to a whole new level.

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