David Lammy warns that Brexit 'will cause enormous damage to our country' in passionate Question Time speech

David Lammy warns that Brexit 'will cause enormous damage to our country' in passionate Question Time speech

David Lammy has been one of the most prominent MPs to call out the shambles of Brexit and highlight it exactly for what it is.

In an appearance on BBC's Question Time on Thursday evening, the Labour MP laid into those that have benefited from Brexit at the expense of others.

Lammy's blistering speech highlighted the "hurt" that a no-deal Brexit will create and claimed it will cause a "serious chasm that will cause enormous damage".

You cannot leave a £275 billion market of goods, services, capital and people and think that it's not going to hurt and you have to understand what that hurt means.

It means people's jobs, it means people's livelihoods, it means people experiencing chaotic lives many of whom already have chaotic lives. 

I've got to say, for Charles [Moore, former Daily Telegraph editor], Eton, Cambridge, maybe leaving with no deal no problem.

For Jacob Rees-Mogg and his sovereign wealth fund and all those disaster capitalists, they will make money but for ordinary people, they will suffer.

They will suffer terribly and it was a travesty that we have got to a place where a mainstream political party could want to wreck this kind of havoc on our country.

We have to stand up to it. This is not an Etonian joke. This is a serious chasm that will break this country in half.

The MP for Tottenham wasn't done there and continued to highlight the lies that dominated the EU referendum and why the British people should get another say on the deal.

There is not one version of leave. There isn't one version. There is one version of remain but there is not one version of leave. 

Never mind the fact that there were lies told. They told you would get £350 million.

They told you Turks were arriving. They said that they'd have 40 trade deals. None of it has turned out to be true. 

For that reason, once we've got a deal. If the British people want a deal if the British people want that deal then we will implement it the day after we've had that public vote. 

But the British people should be allowed, in their own interest to have an option to remain in the club that is the European Union.

Lammy, who is no stranger to delivering powerful speeches on Brexit, has seen his words applauded for its devastating bluntness and honesty.

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