David Schwimmer praised for offering a female critic a chaperone during interview


A female film critic has recalled the time David Schwimmer offered her a chaperone while interviewing him in his hotel room.

Nell Minow, who is one of the most respected and esteemed critics in America, was prompted to reveal the story in the wake of the Harvey Weinstein sexual assault allegations.

Speaking to Poynter, Nell told of how she was due to interview the former Friends star about his 2010 film Trust, which he had directed and produced.

The film focused on a young girl who is groomed and raped by a man that she met on the Internet.

They had arranged to speak in the hotel restaurant but it was too loud, leading to Schwimmer suggesting they could continue the interview in his room.

Perhaps realising that this might be an uncomfortable and potentially dangerous situation for a woman, Schwimmer added that he could guarantee that a third person would be present in the room.

Nell is quoted as saying:

I haven’t thought of that since it happened but the Weinstein stories made me not just remember it but remember it in an entirely different context as an indicator of the prevalence of predatory behaviour and as an indicator of Schwimmer’s integrity and sensitivity.

This wasn't just about his being a good guy who would not have tried anything.

He understood what it is like to have to be constantly on the alert and he wanted to make sure I understood I was safe.

Nell didn't feel threatened and declined Schwimmer's offer but appreciated the star's sensitivity and consideration.

This story is a stark contrast to other reports that have been emerging from Hollywood in recent weeks.

A large number of women have come forward with allegations that Producer Harvey Weinstein had abused them, while others have also shared separate allegations of sexual assault in the film industry.

Meanwhile, director Quentin Tarantino has told the press he was aware of Weinstein's alleged misconduct toward women.

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