Prince Charles travelled to Davos 'on a private jet' to meet Greta Thunberg and deliver climate speech

Prince Charles travelled to Davos 'on a private jet' to meet Greta Thunberg and deliver climate speech

In case you hadn’t noticed, the planet is getting really warm.

In a few years, we’ll probably be celebrating Christmas on the beach while telling our kids about how we killed all the polar bears because we couldn’t give up plastic straws.

But while impending doom seems inevitable, there’s people trying to stop it. One such person you might have heard of is Greta Thunberg, the teen climate icon who became a worldwide star last year after organising global climate strikes.

She’s been causing a stir in Davos – an annual meeting of economists, business leaders and world leaders – where she’s been reminding world leaders of their woeful progress on climate change.

Prince Charles, a committed environmentalist, also attended the event and met with Thunberg.

Speaking at the event, he told leaders:

Ladies and gentleman, you all have a seat at the table as this must be the year that we put ourselves on the right track.

Do we want to go down in history as the people who did nothing to bring the world back from the brink, in trying to restore the balance, when we could have done? I don’t want to.

We simply cannot waste any more time. The only limit is our willingness to act. The time to act is now.

But it has been reported that, despite arriving in an electric car, the prince took a private jet to Switzerland to attend Davos.

According to MailOnline he chartered a plane to arrive in Switzerland, costing around £15,000. Apparently a trip of this length produces six tonnes of carbon.

Naturally, people aren’t too happy about Prince Charles travelling to discuss environmentalism on a private jet.

But then again, while it’s clearly not the best look to arrive on a private jet, the bigger issue is still far more pressing. And the prince isn’t wrong – the time to act is now.

H/T: MailOnline / Metro

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