Troll faces backlash from football fans after body-shaming Declan Rice's long-term girlfriend

Troll faces backlash from football fans after body-shaming Declan Rice's long-term girlfriend
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Declan Rice fans have jumped to his defence after cruel trolls attacked his long-term girlfriend online.

The disgusting tweet took aim at Rice's childhood sweetheart Lauren Fryer on Wednesday (6 December) where it racked up almost 14 million views and thousands more roasting the troll's post.

It showed two photos of the happy couple enjoying a holiday together, along with a horrific tweet reading: "Declan Rice is a multi-millionaire, athletic, 6'1 elite footballer and yet he settles for a fat white girl...

"I don't understand this world anymore".

Of course, the fragile tweeter was hidden behind a parody account to keep his identity concealed. But, the 'joke' backfired when literally no one saw the funny side to it.

"So much wrong with this tweet. Delete," one person wrote, while another hit back: "Imagine choosing a LIFE partner based on societal beauty standards. Your tiny man ego is showing."

A third said: "It’s so easy to tell which accounts have never felt the touch of a woman."

Another rightly noted that the tweet was a "really innovative way of outing yourself as someone who doesn’t know how to hold a conversation with a woman".

Meanwhile, one X/Twitter user reiterated: "'Hey look at me a virgin who worries to much what footballers do outside of the field cause my life sucks I never spoke to a woman in real life' That is what he meant to say."

Many more urged the poster to simply grow up.


The Arsenal midfielder and his girlfriend first started dating at the age of 17 after meeting at school. Lauren has since been spotted supporting Declan at many of his games over the years.

The pair have since welcomed their first son Jude in August 2022.

Declan marked the birth of his son by debuting a new tattoo during a West Ham match on Sunday 21 August 2022, of Jude's name and his date of birth '07.08.2022'.

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