These 7 stats and graphs from last night's Democratic debate in New Hampshire will tell you everything you need to know

Sirena Bergman@SirenaBergman
Saturday 08 February 2020 10:45

Last night, the four remaining Democrats with a chance at winning the nomination gathered in New Hampshire ahead of the primary for yet another debate.

They were inexplicably joined by billionnaire Tom Stayer and millionnaire Andrew Yang. Oh, and Amy Klobuchar.

The debate was the candidates' last chance to win over voters ahead of the New Hampshire primary on Tuesday. Currently, it's looking like it'll be a toss up between Bernie Sanders and Pete Buttigieg, with Warren and Sanders trailing behind.

Everyone has thoughts on who won the debate and why, but here are some cold hard numbers even your most contrary family member kind of can't argue with.

1. The most tweeted-about moments

2. The most tweeted-about candidates

3. The most tweeted-about politicians (including candidates)

4. Who spoke the most

5. Which words were the most used

6. Who was coming for whom

7. Who has done the most in New Hampshire overall

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