Psychologist sparks furious debate for saying Democrats should be friends with Trump supporters


Can Democrats be friends with Republicans? Well, according to one psychologist, they should.

In fact, maybe you could even sleep with people of opposing political views too.

Evolutionary psychologist Diana S. Fleischman shared a graphic on Twitter of two stick figures named Bob and Sally holding hands.

Bob votes Republican and Sally votes Democrat but they’re still friends “because they’re both adults”.

The meme then urged:

Be like Bob and Sally.

Fleischman then seemingly referenced a 2016 article that suggested you should date Republicans if you’re a Democrat because it helps improve your “tolerance of diverging views”.

Several hours later, the psychologist followed it up with a disclaimer that she voted for Joe Biden.

She also stated that “millions of Black, Latin, Gay and immigrant Americans are Republican and voting for Trump” and that “hate tweeting won’t make anything better”:

People had a lot of thoughts – not to mention a lot of hate tweets in response.

Some believed the point was “tone deaf” and reeked of “privilege”:

While others argued that they simply couldn’t be friends with people who voted to take away their rights:

Then people made their own versions of the Bob and Sally meme:

What do you think?

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