Does this video show Democrats stuffing votes into ballot boxes?

Does this video show Democrats stuffing votes into ballot boxes?
YouTube/Tea Partier

People have been sharing a video claiming to show Democrats stuffing ballot boxes to 'fix' the Democratic primary in the US Presidential election.

The video, published by the YouTube account Tea Partier, has caused a fair bit of storm, as people have cited it to claim that Democrats in the United States are committing electoral fraud.

So perhaps it's time to look at the actual contents of the video?

As Channel 4and many YouTube commenters pointed out the footage is actually from Russian elections - as many stills show the flag of the Russian Federation and crests on ballot boxes.

Like for example in the bottom left of this screengrab:

Picture: YouTube/Tea Partier

Videos of this kind follow in the footsteps of discredited fabricators 'Project Veritas', which received backing to the tune of $10,000 in 2015 from the Trump foundation, who manufacture stories about Democrats with selective editing and scattergun context.

Donald Trump has repeatedly claimed that election fraud is rife in the United States and that it is rigged against him.

He's claimed that voting machines are rigged, and that national polls which put him behind Hillary Clinton are incorrect are due to oversampling and that voter fraud is “very, very common”.

Crucially, with no evidence.

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