Desperate man forgets address, draws map on envelope instead, succeeds

Louis Dor
Monday 05 September 2016 16:30

An Icelandic tourist who wished to send a letter to a couple in Búðardalur has succeeded, thanks to his map drawing skills.

Having forgotten the address, he gave the mailer the ballpark city of Búðardalur to work with - a small town with a population of a few hundred.

To help a little more, he drew a map and specified:

A horse farm with an Icelandic/Danish couple and three kids and a lot of sheep!

An image of the map was posted to imgur and reddit, by the user jideon.

Picture: imgur/Jidoen

If you're wondering where Búðardalur is, it's quite remote:

Take a bow, postmasters of Iceland.

One reddit user speculated that it would have been quite simple for the deliverer to find the relevant address:

I went to Iceland this past summer. Budalador has only one supermarket, and it is THE hotspot for the community.

For a town of 300, there's no malls for the teenagers to hang, so they're all milling about the 300 square feet between the bathrooms and the register.

It is a sight to see. My favorite place in Island.

HT BoredPanda

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