This poster about the benefits of working in an office has people furious

Moya Lothian-McLean@moya_lm
Thursday 03 September 2020 11:30

As the pandemic continues, the government is very keen for people to return to office work.

Even though it’s a potential health risk and many employees have spoken of their desire to have a more flexible work-from-home set up where possible.

And now it seems brands are discussing the supposed good parts of office life.

New ads from disinfectant Dettol have been spotted on the London Underground, waxing lyrical about the supposed joy of working in an office.

Unfortunately, the advertisements have backfired slightly...

Among the apparent benefits are “seeing your second family’ and “proper bants”.

Oh and don’t forget the joy of “weird carpets” and “accidentally replying all”.

Another of Dettol’s ads also tries to reframe the morning commute as a special “hour to yourself in the morning”, apparently forgetting that cutting it out altogether still means you can get that extra hour… in bed.

People are now universally ridiculing the adverts and their attempt to ‘romanticise’ the drudge of work.

Others decided to share their own, more accurate, versions.

Safe to say they differed from Dettol’s rose-tinted view of corporate life...

It’s such a misstep that people are actively turning against the brand.

But it certainly did remind people of what office work is really like.

Thanks for everything, Dettol.