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The Donald Trump supporters and Fox News contributors, Diamond and Silk have been temporarily locked out of Twitter after pushing misinformation about coronavirus.

The outspoken duo, whose real names are Lynnette Hardaway and Rochelle Richardson, are well known for defending the president with bizarre and illogical quotes.

Now they have taken to pushing conspiracy theories about Covid-19 and in a now-deleted tweet, they claimed that in order to become immune to the virus people need to be leaving their homes.

The duo's access to their shared account was restored after they deleted tweet, which curiously went against the self-isolation and social distancing advice from Trump's coronavirus task force.

Although the tweet has been removed, people have criticised the pair for their statement, with some claiming that spreading theories such as this will get people killed.

A Twitter spokesperson told Mediaitethat they were temporarily suspended for violating the website's rules about coronavirus misinformation.

The Tweet is in violation of our Covid-19 misinformation policy. The account will be locked until the account owner removes the tweet.

However, their account is still spreading theories and questioning the words of experts.

That being said they did share a tweet on Thursday morning encouraging people to follow CDC guidelines and practice social distancing.

The United States has confirmed more than 395,000 cases of coronavirus, more than any other nation in the world, which has resulted in at least 12,000 deaths.

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