People who have died and come back to life reveal what it is like

People who have died and come back to life reveal what it is like
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Death remains one of the greatest mysteries known to humanity.

No matter how many studies or pieces of research are carried out, we are unlikely to ever learn what lies in the great beyond.

Theories and speculation can only provide so much information about the sensation of death so the best way to learn more about it is to actually ask people who have had near-death experiences.

Once, a brain surgeon claimed to have seen something resembling heaven when he had a brief brush with death.

That is just one person's experience, but over on Reddit people are sharing some of their near-death experiences and their stories are incredibly varied.

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User TheBawlrus compared it to turning off a television.

After a severe reaction to chemotherapy, TheDeadManWalks says it was like wanting to hit the snooze button on your alarm in the morning.

After dying for two minutes Axesta said the experience was "beyond peaceful."

minusthelela said that they felt a huge weight on their chest followed by a "feeling of peace."

After dying from bacterial meningitis and falling into a coma, Ori15n admitted to having an out of body experience.

The user CDC who was stung 39 times by wasps said that dying felt like going to sleep when you are extremely exhausted.

z91x, who died after drinking too much at a party when they were 14 described death just felt like being asleep.

deag-bullet who died after blood loss following a serious car accident said that felt warm and saw lights.

After coming close to dying, so_domestix says that they were overcome with a sense of peace.

monitormonkey, who died during major surgery for several minutes claimed that they saw something which resembled space.

After briefly dying of septic shock Buymymixtapeee wrote that they saw a haunting hallucination.

twistediniquity said that their vision blurred and got dimmer after their kidneys shut down.

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