Disney villains should learn not to mess with this girl

At a visit to Disney World in Florida last month, young Isabella put Beauty and the Beast villain Gaston firmly in his place.

After the actor playing Gaston tells the little girl he plans on marrying her favourite Disney character Belle, she takes him to task with a warning the Beast will beat him up (note to children: violence is not the solution to every problem, whatever Disney films teach you).

True to villainous form, Gaston responds with chauvinism, telling her to stop thinking independently, get back to the kitchen and make him a sandwich.

But Isabella doesn't give up, telling him: "You're not marrying Belle. You are never, ever, ever, ever!"

As she continues her tour with her mother, a resigned Gaston notes: "I've been outdone by a girl; a short one."

The video was posted on YouTube last month, but has since gone - as the kids say - viral.

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