People are sharing the songs they'd play at their divorce and they're hilarious

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We all know that there are a list of classic wedding songs that seem to get played without fail on people's 'big days'.

You know the ones, the floor fillers that simultaneously scream 'we-love-each-other-so-much' and 'we-are-forever', while also managing to shoehorn in a little bit of 'this-is-so-romantic' at the same time.

Well now, someone has turned this on its head, and instead of wedding songs, they're asking for the ideal divorce songs. Controversial...

Twitter user Eric Alper took to his account to ask:

We all know the really popular songs played at weddings. If we played songs at divorces, what songs would be popular?

It wasn't long before the answers came flooding in... Here are some of the very best.

1. Extremely appropriate.

2. Even more appropriate.

3. Ouch.

4. This is final.

5. Isn't Bowie appropriate for all occasions?

6. Hit that road!

7. Roasted.

8. *Crying emoji*

9. The only correct answer.

10. And, who else but Fleetwood Mac.

11. BOOM.

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