This woman shared her sister's wedding bridal party rules and they are wild


It's probably a safe bet to say that weddings are a stressful time, so we can forgive people going a little crazy sometimes.

However, sometimes a bridezilla comes along who really loses the plot a bit.

Shared in the JUSTNOFAMILY subreddit by user Suicides_and_sundaes, this tale of her sister’s entitlement is absolutely crazy.

She opened up her bridal party to a 'brawl' no doubt hoping for some sort of fight to the death scenario for the honour of being invited to the wedding.

This could be taken as lighthearted or a little jovial, but the rules of the brawl that have been laid out are a little harder to digest.

The bride shared a list of demands to be met that even includes a legally binding contract and ensuring that the gifts she receives are particularly expensive.

These are apparently the requirements to be in the bridal party:



Understandably, people on Reddit had a lot to say about this:

We've talked a lot about bridezillas here before, some include ridiculous demands, while others have spent £70,000 on wedding dresses and five ceremonies, but this one is pretty obscene even by our standards.

That being said, good luck with the wedding and may the best brawler win.

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