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Studying requires dedication.

No matter how academically eager you are though, it's probably best not to alienate your fiancé's mother in the process.

A new feature to the iPhone, added in iOS11, hides notifications from texts and tweets while you're driving - in the interest of safety.

It also auto-replies to the sender with whatever text you pre-set - and that's where Aiman Siddique went wrong.

With four exams to study for, the 20-year-old concocted a cute warning text to tell her friends to leave her alone.

The automatic message included this:

i'm studying leave me tf alone

Probably not leaving the best impression.

Her poor future mother-in-law only wanted to offer some herbal tea.

Siddiqui told BuzzFeed:

When I realised his mom had texted me, I started freaking out really bad.

Twitter got a bit hysterical (as did Siddiqui).

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