A doctor has become something of a hero online for coming very close to deliberately mispronouncing health secretary Jeremy Hunt's name on BBC1's Question Time.

The unnamed man had the final word on last night's show in Birmingham, when he questioned the health secretary's repeated claim that higher death rates at hospitals during weekends was due to poor levels of staffing.

The doctor said his own experience was patients not wanting to have lifesaving operations at weekends as a result:

I work in liver transplant. My patients do not want to come in on weekends for an emergency transplant because they believe Jeremy, I'm not going to pronounce his surname because I might mispronounce it deliberately, because they think that by having a lifesaving transplant operation they will die and that liver goes to someone else.

Now, given his profound incompetence at this junior doctors contract issue, as well as previous health secretaries, is it not time for a cross-party healthcare commission to save our NHS?

You can watch the clip below:

Hunt has repeatedly cited a British Medical Journal study to argue increased death rates at weekends call for an expanded seven-day NHS care.

But the journal's editor wrote to him in October to say the study did not apportion any blame for the fact there were 11,000 excess deaths from Friday to Monday in 2013/14.

This week the junior doctors strike was called off so more talks could take place, with the government suspending its threat to impose a new contract next year.

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