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One vocal doctor on TikTok is highlight the huge problem of black people suffering from systemic racism when it comes to accessing health treatments.

Dr. Jennifer Lincoln, who specialises in obstetrics and gynaecology, took to the social media platform to expose some truths about how racism plays out in the field of medicine.

She cited black people having less access to medication, waiting longer in emergency rooms and being less likely to be taken seriously about their medical concerns.

In a video titled “Do black people feel pain the same way as white people?”, she said:

A 2016 study showed that 50 per cent of medical students and residents who were studied thought that black people couldn’t feel pain in the same way because they had thicker skin or their nerves didn’t work the same way.

Where is this from? It’s a holdover from the days of slavery when white people had to feel better about using slaves. Black people used to be operated on without anaesthesia and were used in studies without their consent.

Dr Lincoln urged fellow medical professionals to check their own bias when it comes to treating patients.

She also implored black people who experience the disparity to speak up or report the injustice.

The video was posted to Twitter and has since received over 130,000 retweets and more than 230,000 likes.

Many of the comments agreed with the TikTok doctor:

While some black people shared their own stories:

It’s not the first time the doctor’s views on systemic racism in medicine have struck a chord with social media users.

Dr Lincoln has previously spoken about why black women are more likely to die because of pregnancy complications, as well as the increased rates of teen pregnancy among young black people.

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