Doctors are sharing why gun crime is their problem with #ThisIsMyLane


The National Rifle Association (NRA) criticised doctors who were advocating for gun control, prompting a mass outcry from medical professionals.

The same week a gunman opened fire and killed 12 people outside a bar in Thousand Oaks, California, the NRA tweeted:

Someone should tell self-important anti-gun doctors to stay in their lane. Half of the articles in Annals of Internal Medicine are pushing for gun control. Most upsetting, however, the medical community seems to have consulted NO ONE but themselves.

The association was criticising a medical paper in which doctors made suggestions about gun control.

Their words prompted backlash from doctors in America, who took to Twitter to share horrific stories of about the way gun crime impacts them – and more importantly, their patients.

Doctor Judy Melinek was one of the first to respond to the tweet, writing:

Do you have any idea how many bullets I pull out of corpses weekly? This isn’t just my lane. It’s my f***ing highway.

Other doctors joined in using the hashtag #ThisIsMyLane, with many going as far as to share actual, traumatic images in which they’re covered in the blood of patients.

Their accounts are horrific.

American conservative writer and pundit Ann Coulter waded into the conflict and told Doctor Judy that removing bullets from humans is no different than pulling “cue balls, vines and gummy bears out of human orifices every week.”

Lots of people called the tweet insensitive and ignorant, and doctors? They’d had enough, and just went right ahead and roasted her.


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