Doctors and nurses slept in hospital so they'd be able to treat patients in spite of the snow

Narjas Zatat@Narjas_Zatat
Thursday 01 March 2018 16:45
Picture:(iStock / Dean Mitchell)

Hospital staff decided to forego sleeping in their own beds and stayed in their hospitals so they can treat patients in spite of the snow.

Doctors and nurses at Sunderland Royal Hospital stayed overnight, and trusts in both Teesside and Newcastle have offered beds to members of staff.

Healthcare Assistant Lottie Taylor was just one of many who stayed. She wrote on Facebook:

Stayed last night after a 9 hour shift so i could make sure I was in for my 13 hour today! Long journey back to Newcastle tonight! Spent the night with 3 other amazing nurses!

Paediatric nurse Lisa Gerrett had been brought in by a volunteer driver, and told BBC she stayed because it meant the driver could collect other nurses. She added:

It also means I can cover for night staff who cannot get in, if necessary.

City Hospitals Sunderland couldn't stop praising its dedicated staff, and wrote the following touching message:

Can you believe many of our amazing staff are sleeping in the hospital tonight so they can care for patients tomorrow?!

The trust shared the praise on its Facebook page too, and received more than22,000 'likes' – it was shared almost as many times as well. In response to all the staff that stayed, they wrote:

Huge thanks to all staff who stayed the night, walked for hours, offered lifts and rooms, worked through the night. You are #awesome.

People couldn't stop congratulating them on their hard work.

Allison Ryder wrote:

Thank god for all the dedicated staff who go above and beyond to look after the sick god bless you all . Maybe the government should give all these dedicated people a cold weather bonus but a pay increase should be without question?

Rachael Branthwaite pointed out the heavy weight the job has on nurses and doctors:

Nothing but respect for the team at this hospital and across the NHS sacrificing themselves and their families for you and yours! So when your waiting for a couple hours in A&E and complaining just look back at this post A million Thank yous x

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