Dog owner ‘sickened’ after pet puppy is ‘poisoned’ and threatened for barking

A dog, with a light brown coat, sits on the green grass in a garden.
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A Sydney woman has been left ‘shocked’ after her dog was given a ‘poisoned’ bone for barking too much.

Cheri Blair, 66, spotted the bone in her backyard on Monday morning and later discovered an envelope containing a note.

“Your dog is to be poisoned, to [sic] much barking, sorry but no choice, your falt [sic],” the letter read.

Suggesting that the accompanying 20cm bone had been poisoned, the seven-month-old pup Jolene was rushed to an emergency vet in Artarmon, who induced vomiting.

7NEWS reports that the emergency treatment for her Portuguese Podengo cost $500, and that the dog has now recovered from the ordeal, with local police saying in a statement that the mutt is “fine and well”.

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They also confirmed to the news outlet that they were investigating the incident, and Blair said the anonymous letter was taken by the New South Wales force for DNA testing.

Commenting on the alleged crime, Blair told 7News: “[It’s] just sickening to think. If they had a problem with us, they should have said.

“I’m very vigilant at making sure Jolene doesn’t bark. Jolene is an inside dog.”

Blair added that two neighbours approached her to say they haven’t heard Jolene bark, but she did confess that the pup had barked for 20 minutes on Saturday after she was upset by another dog.

The woman claims that she heard a voice shout the words “shut up” during the incident, which has led to her wondering if they were behind the bone and its accompanying letter.

Blair continued to say that she was “pretty upset” following the ordeal, and that she “definitely had a few scotches afterwards”.

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