These cute dogs really want Theresa May to Put It To The People

These cute dogs really want Theresa May to Put It To The People

Walkies means walkies.

We all know how excited dogs get when they know they’re about to go for a walk.

It’s precisely the opposite emotion to the searing sense of dread Europhiles feel when Brexit comes up in conversation.

As Brexit nears, an estimated 1m people marching through central London to demand that the final Brexit deal be put to the people.

This can only mean two things: funny signs and, more importantly, cute dogs.

This time around, as the great unknown of Brexit stands before us, our canine friends have come out in force. Some even have cute outfits too.

Firstly, we have this high-fashion one-piece moment, worthy of the runways of Paris and Milan.

Dogs even had their own signs too. Let’s just say these pooches aren’t impressed with the state of Brexit.


This sausage dog went for a more bohemian, relaxed anti-Brexit getup. It's very east London.

Even this bulldog, a stalwart symbol of Britishness is pro-EU.

With weeks of uncertainty left, things in Westminster are bound to get hairy. In unrelated news, here's another picture of an impossibly cute, very hairy dog.

We know all about the campaign for a people's vote. But, judging by these dogs, perhaps we should have a pooche's vote too?

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