Put it to the People march: Celebrities who are backing the People's Vote march on Brexit

Put it to the People march: Celebrities who are backing the People's Vote march on Brexit

Hundreds of thousands of people are expected to march on parliament this weekend demanding a People’s Vote on Theresa May’s Brexit deal.

The “Put It to the People” march on Saturday 23 March, in partnership with the Independent’s Final Say campaign, is aiming to match the 670,000 people organisers say marched in October.

Organisers are calling for whatever Brexit deal is agreed by the government to be put to the people so they can have the final say on the process.

Since the march was announced many famous faces of expressed interest and support in Saturdays event in London.

Here are some of the celebrities who are backing a Final Say on Brexit:

Stephen Fry

Stephen Fry has described the Brexit process as a “humiliation” and an “embarrassment for our country.” Even releasing his own brilliant Brexit Mythbusting videos.

He’s calling on voters to join the “Put It to the People” march on Saturday.

Lena Headey

The Game of Thrones star will be marching on parliament, calling on people to “make their voices heard.”

Keira Knightley

Keira Knightley has called on voters to have a Final Say on the deal, now we have more information on Brexit.

Gary Lineker

The ex-England footballer and presenter has been an outspoken and hilarious supporter of Remain on Twitter and on television including this moment on Have I Got News For You, throwing his support around the campaign, saying: “I can’t fix Brexit. But maybe, together, we all can.”

Eddie Marsan

Actor Eddie Marsan has explained why he’s backing a People’s Vote, telling Brexiteers:

You have a right to your opinion, but I also think that people have a right to change their opinion… This is the most important political decision of the last 15 years, and I think we need an informed decision.

James O’Brien

LBC presenter James O’Brien will be marching on Saturday for the reason that “precisely no-one voted for the chaos that is currently unfolding.”

Eric Dier

England footballer Eric Dier might not be marching on parliament – he’s in the England squad for Friday’s Euro 2020 qualifier against the Czech Republic – but he’s given his support to the campaign.

The march also has a huge list of celebrity sponsors, including Delia Smith, Steve Coogan, and actor Jason Isaacs.

Sir Patrick Stewart, who is sponsoring coaches to bring people to the march, said:

The damage Brexit is already causing to our communities and country is clear…

The Put It To The People march may very well be our last chance to demand a democratic final say on this mess before it’s too late.

Armando Iannucci, who wrote the political satire The Thick of It and co-created Alan Partridge, added:

Voters have been left befuddled and bemused by what’s going on in Westminster and I think the only sensible thing left is to put whatever Brexit deal parliament comes up with to the voters one last time.

It’s just one more vote to settle matters; what’s the problem? The prime minister’s now on to her third.

The Put It to the People march has a long list of political backers as well.

On Saturday, there will be speeches from Labour MPs Jess Phillips and David Lammy, and Conservatives Justine Greening and Dominic Grieve, as well as leaders of the other opposition parties (Vince Cable for the Lib Dems and Caroline Lucas from the Greens).

There will also be appearances from SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon, Anna Soubry, and former cabinet minister Lord Michael Heseltine.

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