Boris Johnson's chief strategist, Dominic Cummings is renowned for his odd sense of fashion which resembles more of a student on a gap than an adviser to the prime minister.

The 48-year-old was spotted entering number 10 on Monday with a coffee and notepad in his hands but by the looks of things he should have probably been pulling his trousers up as he was at risk of losing them.

With his untucked t-shirt and orange jumper, he hardly cut a dashing figure and the less said about the state of his rear the better.

Footage of Cummings making his way into Downing Street soon emerged on social media and people couldn't quite believe what they were witnessing.

This take from LBC's James O'Brien, who admits that he isn't exactly the best kept of gentlemen, highlights just why Cummings attire is so shambolic.

It's even more alarming when you consider that Cummings has basically engineered the politics of the UK twice in the last five years.

HT: The Poke

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