Dominic Raab awkwardly tries to end conversation after being confronted about the cost of his shopping

Dominic Raab awkwardly tries to end conversation after being confronted about the cost of his shopping

Tory minister and Brexiteer Dominic Raab has been left red-faced after he was confronted by woman about claims related to the cost of his weekly shop.

The current foreign secretary had been attending a local hustings event in his constituency of Esher and Walton in Surrey.

Raab was confronted by a local woman after the event on the Tories proposed policy to save low-paid workers money by increasing contributions to National Insurance.

According to Boris Johnson, this plan would save people around £500-a-year, which is only a rough figure and is it became abundantly clear to Raab, would really work.

The woman, who admitted to using food banks, asked Raab how much his weekly shop costs him and his family to which he admitted was £150.

It is then pointed out to Raab that this increase would only save him about three weeks of shopping every year, which didn't seem to bother the Tory too much.

In response he said:

Yes, sure. It's an incremental increase, it's more than any other party's offering for the lowest paid in our society.

The unimpressed woman then quizzes Raab on how he and the Tories plan to fund this new policy, to which he moans about how long he has been there for (a mammoth two hours).

The woman then tears into Raab and accesses him of misunderstanding just what life is like for people who have to use food banks.

I'm a food bank user, and I don't think you've really stepped in one. I don't think you've talked to people that are in there.

You might have, like, cut the little ties. But when you're talking about £500 I think you're actually being offensive to the people who need to use a food bank, when you're talking about three weeks of your shopping per year.

Raab, sensing that he has lost this argument cuts it short and tells the woman "well, you're entitled to your opinion."

The incident was caught on camera by Twitter user @saira_ramadan who claimed that the other two candidates stayed for 30 minutes each after the hustings had finished.

The clip has already been viewed more than 38,000 times on Twitter and people have been highly critical of Raab's conduct.

Just to prove that Raab was having a great evening, a previous video shared by Saira saw he get heckled by those in attendance over his plans for Brexit.

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