Dominic Raab's misunderstanding of misogyny was so bad even Piers Morgan called it out

Deputy Prime Minister of the United Kingdom and Justice Secretary Dominic Raab’s dire misunderstanding of what misogyny is has gone viral.

Speaking in an interview with host Sally Nugent during BBC Breakfast on 6th October, Nugent asked the MP about his view on misogyny being made a hate crime.

In Raab’s response, he said: “I think insults and misogyny is, of course, absolutely wrong whether it’s a man against a woman, or a woman against a man.”

By definition, misogyny is the “dislike of, contempt for, or ingrained prejudice against women”, therefore making Raab’s point “woman against a man” claim totally invalid and wrong.

Later in the interview, Nugent gave Raab the opportunity to clarify his comments about misogyny and who perpetuates it.

She repeated word-for-word what Raab had said and asked, “is that what you meant to say?”

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Even when given the dictionary definition of the word misogyny, Raab neglected to acknowledge his blunder.

Raab’s mistake was ridiculed by Piers Morgan, a man whose critical comments about women aren’t exactly a secret, who wrote on Twitter: “For the love of God… how was this guy ever Foreign Secretary???”

It comes after Prime Minister Boris Johnson ruled out making misogyny a hate crime.

Others seemed to agree with Morgan’s sentiments as one person wrote: “So Raab does not even know what misogyny means?

“Given that it had been in the news, the PM was questioned about it, he would have looked it up. Too much like work, I suppose.”

Someone else suggested: “Give him a Dictionary for Christmas someone and bookmark the page. So many idiots in the Conservative Government.”

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