Dominic Raab said that the Tories don't have a 'Nigel Farage little England vision’ but even Farage disagrees

Dominic Raab has been heckled at a hustings event after he claimed that the Tories vision of Brexit isn't a "Nigel Farage little England vision."

The former Brexit secretary was speaking to voters at an event at the East Molesey Methodist Church, in his Esher and Walton consistency in Surrey.

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When the subject of Brexit and how the Tories intend to spend their budget for local communities, he said:

We want to put one billion pounds into affordable childcare to create before and after school clubs. Our vision for this country isn't a Nigel Farage little England vision.

Immediately after saying this, Raab was met with heckles from the audience who claimed that that is exactly what the Tories are aiming for.

Raab tried to calm the situation but was only greeted with more uproar.

Footage captured by Sky News reporter Lewis Goodall showed exactly what went down.

After the Tories shared their manifesto with the UK on Sunday they were then immediately accused of copying Nigel Farage by the man himself.

Speaking on Sunday afternoon, in Seaham, County Durham, the current Brexit Party leader said that the Tories had basically copied the UKIP manifesto from 2015.

He was quoted as saying:

I recognise much of the Conservative manifesto because they're things that I have campaigned on for years, such as hospital parking charges.

Much of the manifesto was in fact in the Ukip 2015 manifesto, even recent ideas that I've announced like not exporting plastic waste for dumping in landfill in China or elsewhere, that's in there.

Farage did add that he was 'encouraged' to see the Tories 'changing the agenda' by talking about more about immigration levels.

So, there you go the 2019 Tories and basically the 2015 Ukippers. Who would have thought Nigel Farage would have been so far ahead of the curb?

Indy100 has contacted Dominic Raab for comment.

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