Why the NRA shouldn't go after comedians in front of a green screen

Jesse McLaren/Twitter/Screengrab

In case you weren't aware the National Rifle Association of America released a pretty extreme advert this week.

Dana Loesch, who is a conservative radio show host and a NRA spokeswoman, stars in the video which launches a vicious assault on the American left.

The angry rant not only goes after politicians but also attacks actors, musicians and comedians who have criticised the right wing and the Trump administration.

If you haven't seen the advert it might be worth a watch just so you get the context of things.

It's pretty direct.

Perhaps the biggest mistake of this tirade is the part where Loesch goes after comedians

Comedians are pretty handy when it comes to video editing.

Especially videos that has been shot on a green screen.

Jesse McLaren, is one such comedian who is also a video editor for Buzzfeed. He naturally saw this as a great opportunity to have some fun. Fun was well and truly had.

To make it easier for folks at home, McLaren uploaded a version with just a green screen.

Others have already had a go at making their own, such as this brilliant Twin Peaks parody.

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