Don't worry guys, Bill O'Reilly has a plan to defeat Isis

Move over, President - Fox News host Bill O’Reilly has a plan for defeating Isis.

Speaking on his Fox News programme on Monday, Mr O’Reilly said that he is “tired of the phony rhetoric surrounding the Isis terror threat” because “Syrian moderates cannot defeat" Isis.

Instead, he believes an English-speaking, well-paid elite mercenary army made up of 25,000 personnel chosen and trained by the US.

He said America – alongside Nato – would help to lead the O’Reilly-dubbed “Anti-Terror Army”, in addition to providing logistical support.

It would be paid for by each member state in the new coalition formed to fight Isis (which includes the UK and France) and would not include currently serving soldiers.

Unfortunately for Mr O’Reilly, his scheme was dubbed “terrible” by US Naval War College Professor Tom Nichols – who was brought on to the show to give his perspective.

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