Albino ice cream man in Pakistan hailed as Donald Trump doppelgänger

Sinead Butler
Friday 11 June 2021 12:04

An ice cream man has been hailed as a deadringer for Donald Trump after he was filmed singing in the streets of Pakistan.

The man, who is in his 40s, has albinism, which causes a complete or partial absence of pigment melanin in the skin, hair and eyes, leaving him with strikingly blond hair.

A video emerged of him selling frozen treats on the streets of Sahiwal in Punjab, prompting instant comparisons with the 45th US president.

“Trump’s youngest brother,” one viewer joked, according to comments seen by MailOnline.

“Donald moved to Pakistan?” asked another.

The clip, which has been circulated on social media, shows the Trump lookalike tempting customers over to his cart by singing a song in Urdu.

His powerful voice has left viewers not only comparing him to the former president, but also admiring his musical talents.

“Ain’t no one gonna talk about his powerful voice?” one person asked.

While another wrote: “He is more talented than the real one.”

We, meanwhile, would like to know what Trump makes of his new-found doppelgänger.