Donald Trump named 'Super Senior Club Champion' three years in a row. At his own golf club


United States President Donald Trump is known to be an avid golfer.

Thankfully, he hasn't let his pesky job in the White House get in the way of his practice, having taken 23 golf trips since moving into the office 136 days ago.

Which, combined with his divisive domestic agenda and renegade approach to foreign policy, has gone down poorly with voters.

Matt Katz, a reporter for WNYC and NPR, tweeted the champions board at one of the Trump National Golf Clubs:

That makes sense. He's had enough rounds.

People thought it summed up the man:

He probably wishes he'd had the oportunity for a round with Kim Jong-Il, who once hit a miraculous, scarcely believable round of 38 under par.

Donald will probably do even better in office.

Mr Trump criticised his predecessor Barack Obama heavily for his golf rounds while in office.

Trump has massively outpaced Obama for the number of rounds he has played in office.

Here's how Trump polls currently (the worst of any president for at least 50 years) compared to Obama at the equivalent time in 2008.

There's one situation in which Trump probably wishes he was hitting above par.

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