Donald Trump launches Twitter copycat where only he can post

Donald Trump launches Twitter copycat where only he can post
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Bad news. He’s back.

Donald Trump, mostly muzzled for months following his January ban from Twitter, is now posting again on a pretty basic-looking web page that he hailed as a new “communications platform”.

So far, From The Desk Of Donald J Trump is just a feed of all of his previous statements, which until now had to be issued on headed emails sent via his communications team after he got the boot from Twitter.

But now he’s hoping to muscle back in to the national conversation with a knock-off version of his old Twitter feed – and he did it in typically Trumpian fashion.

A video of a spinning globe sees the camera zoom in to Florida, and Mar-a-Lago, as clips of news anchors talking about his Twitter ban play over the top.

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“In a time of silence and lies, a beacon of freedom arises,” read the on-screen text.

Watch it here:

The minimalist site features two prominent buttons – one to sign up for email alerts, and another to contribute cash for the vague purpose of ‘Making America Great Again’.

Fans can also “like” the posts and share them to their own Facebook and Twitter pages.

The grift never ends.

It felt pretty old school to some, like the early days of blogging:

Others thought the stripped-back vibe looked well, pretty lackluster:

A number of the posts already on the new feed make false claims and push debunked conspiracy theories about Trump’s defeat to Joe Biden in the presidential election last year.

Other posts attack political opponents and the social media platforms themselves in a similar fashion to how the former president’s Twitter account operated before it was suspended.

It gets worse.

Trump’s senior adviser Jason Miller previously teased that the former president would launch a new social media platform that is “going to be big”.

But Miller tweeted on Tuesday that the new website was NOT the social media platform he had previously hyped. “We’ll have additional information coming on that front in the very near future,” he said.


And, yes, it gets worse again.

As well as launching his new megaphone, he also teased a 2024 run.

Speaking to Candace Owens on The Daily Wire, he said: “The answer is, I’m absolutely enthused. I look forward to doing an announcement at the right time. As you know, it’s really early. But I think people are going to be very, very happy when I make a certain announcement.”

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