This pro-Trump Fox News host tried to claim election fraud and it backfired spectacularly

Joshua Zitser
Monday 09 November 2020 11:45
(Getty Images)

Republican talking head Tomi Lahren has had her own words used against her in the most hilarious way.

Like other conservative figures, Lahren is claiming Donald Trump had the election stolen from him.

Despite Joe Biden now being named the president-elect, Lahren wrote: “Stolen Election. Disgusting. Absolutely disgusting.”

Her tweet now has a Twitter disclaimer which links to a page explaining how voter fraud is “exceedingly rare in the US”.

But an old tweet, which has recently resurfaced, is likely to leave Lahren red-faced.

During the Black Lives Matter protests in July, Lahren tweeted: "If you don't like this country there are about 200 others to choose from."

She continued: "Pick one and leave."

Now, people are using this tweet against her.

That short-sighted tweet really did come back to bite her.

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