President Trump is infamous for stirring up hostility against the media and spreading mistrust.

CNN and the New York Times are particular targets, but he’s also attacked the Washington Post and BuzzFeed regularly since becoming president. Normally, though, Fox News is the one outlet Trump can count on to support him. In return, he supports them and promotes their shows on Twitter, keeping them out of his savage attacks.

But that all changed when president Trump took the unusual step of calling out two Fox reporters. Trump criticised White House Correspondent John Roberts and Washington Correspondent Gillian Turner in a tweet after their segment on the fight for funds during the government shutdown.

Trump did not specify which aspects of the commentary by the Fox News correspondents he found problematic, but it’s clear he’s not happy.

Trump’s favourite Fox News personalities include Tucker Carlson, Sean Hannity, Jeanine Pirro and the hosts of “Fox & Friends”.

Fox News isn’t alone in criticising Trump this week. Even his strongest supporters say that the president “caved” in agreeing to reopen the government even though he did not receive any funding for his planned border wall. Conservative columnist Ann Coulter called Trump the “biggest wimp” in the history of the office following his concession on Friday.

Of course, given the fact that even Fox News has turned against Trump, the mockery came in thick and fast online.

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