Trump asked for global warming to 'please come back fast' in another misguided climate change tweet

Greg Evans
Tuesday 29 January 2019 12:45
Picture:(Olivier Douliery-Pool/Getty Images/Twitter)

Donald Trump's fundamental lack of understanding and basic knowledge of climate change has reared its head again - and it's just as astonishing as ever.

In a tweet posted late on Monday evening, the president cited cold weather patterns in the US Midwest and pleaded for 'Global Waming [sic]' to come back. Yes, he spelt it 'waming'.

Not only has Trump once again confused weather and climate change, but he has asked for global warming to make a return (did it ever go away?), while Australia is currently experiencing a record-breaking heat wave with temperatures reaching the high 90s.

Much like Trump's other epic global warming fails, people were quick to point out just how unbelievably incorrect and irresponsible his tweet was.

Many people were quick to point out the current Australian heatwave.

What about that 'waming?'

Still, that 'science' isn't that reliable, is it?

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