Here are all the things banned from Trump's inauguration

Here are all the things banned from Trump's inauguration

We’ll have 19 days to enjoy 2017 before Donald Trump is sworn in as leader of the free world on 20 January.

And in the run up to the event. the reality TV personality's transition team has drawn up a list of items banned from the inauguration, and it’s a bit Orwellian.

Throughout his campaign, Trump was very vocal about protecting the rights of gun owners. But they, along with selfie stick owners (an equally dangerous weapon in the wrong hands), will have to leave their beloved possession at home.

Here's the full list of banned items:

  • Aerosols

  • Ammunition - Obviously

  • Animals other than service/guide animals - This makes sense. 

  • Backpacks and bags exceeding size restrictions (18” by 13” by 7”)

  • Bicycles

  • Balloons... Seriously? You've got to be a mean spirited person to not like balloons. 

  • Coolers - But how will we keep our drinks cool?

  • Drones and other unmanned aircraft systems - From a security point of view this makes sense

  • Explosives

  • Firearms 

  • Glass, thermal, or metal containers - But how will we keep our soup warm?

  • Laser pointers

  • Mace / Pepper spray

  • Packages - FedEx, UPS and other delivery drivers clearly not welcome.

  • Selfie Sticks - We wonder where this anti-selfie stick agenda sprang from...

  • Signs exceeding the size restrictions (20” x 3” x 1/4”)

Picture:Picture: David Eckhoff/Twitter

  • Structures

  • Supports for signs and placards

  • Toy guns

  • Weapons of any kind

  • Any other items determined to be potential safety hazards

Trump's inauguration sure sounds fun.

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