Ivanka took her dad's seat at the G20 table and people have some major things to say about it


Ivanka Trump reportedly filled in for her father and President of the United States Donald at the G20 summit table today.

A Russian negotiator tweeted a photo of Ivanka sat in Donald's seat next to Theresa May.

Svetlana Lukash has since deleted her tweet.

But it was not deleted fast enough. In this glorious modern age, split-second screengrabs mean not much can be hidden from the internet.

Even heavyweight political commentators got involved.

Quoting Lukash's now-deleted tweet, Michael McFaul, former U.S. Ambassador to Russia, tweeted: "This is strange. Very strange."

Most were alarmed that it was downright undemocratic - after all, many are sceptical about Donald Trump's qualifications to be President, but at least he had votes cast for him.

Spot the odd one out...

A few people had some bright ideas.

While others pointed out a healthy dose of hypocrisy.

Disturbing stuff.

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