Trump ridiculed by Jimmy Kimmel as Biden removes ex-president’s phrases

Jimmy Kimmel has poked fun at the Trumpadministration by listing phrases that are unlikely to be inherited by President Joe Biden as he carries out his first term in the White House.

The gag comes after it was reported that Biden would reinstate the term ‘climate change’, and remove the phrase ‘illegal alien’.

“The term they will now use is ‘non-citizen’, which isn’t entirely accurate – everyone is a citizen of some place – but it makes sense. People aren’t illegal.

“That’s just part of a long list of words and phrases they’ve put to rest,” said Kimmel, before mentioning more phrases he claims the Biden administration will no longer need to use.

The full list reads: 

1. Fake news

2. China Virus

3. Perfect call

4. Lock her up

5. Extra crispy

6. Crazy Nancy

7. My Stupid Son Eric

8. My Stupid Son Don

9. Tell Eric I’m not here

10. Tell Don I died

11. Where’s Hunter [Biden]?

12. Bigly

13. Frankly

14. Hamberders

15. Put Jared on it

16. Bring me my Sharpie 

17. Get me my hair cement

18. Covfefe

19. Tim Apple

20. How hot is my daughter? 

21. One of the wettest we’ve seen from the standpoint of water

22. Very fine people

23. Haters and losers

24. Big, beautiful wall

25. Bing bong, bing bong

26. Everyone is saying

27. Get Lou Dobbs on the phone!

After receiving whoops and cheers from the audience, Kimmel joked that it was “baby steps but progress is being made.”

You can watch the full segment in the video below.

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